UX/UI Designer

Hi! I'm Gizem

I am a curious designer and a passionate user advocate. I strive to create user-centered designs by researching, strategizing, and iterating.

In my professional career, I have served as a UX/UI and product designer, researcher, as well as a UI developer. I am able to fuse these disciplines to create experiences that are both powerful and simple for clients.

I practice both lean UX and traditional UX techniques to serve the needs and desires of users, all while aligning them with the direction of the business and brand.

In my free time, you can find me tasting new menus around town, learning or improving a skill, making art, or wandering the world.

Select Projects

In addition to the projects below, I also have extensive experience in graphic design, marketing and content management. Please reach out if you would like more information.

Anaconda Python Data Science Platform

Enterprise Data Science Platform
Company: Anaconda, Inc.
Role: Product Designer, UX/UI, UX Researcher

At the inception of our enterprise data science platform, I was the only designer on the product team. Over the last year, I worked extensively with product management and development teams to establish design direction and strategy. Created the product UI kit, conducted extensive user research and usability tests to improve the product at various stages of development cycle, and designed and documented behaviors in comprehensive functional specifications.

Anaconda Python Data Science Platform

Fusion | Open Data Science App for Excel
Company: Anaconda, Inc.
Role: Product Designer, UX Designer, UI Developer, UX Researcher

Worked with Product Management and development to define project goals, design direction, and strategy. Evangelized design thinking by instructing and facilitating design studios. Conducted user research and guerrilla usability tests during our conference to gather insight from real customers.

Details Coming Soon!

Anaconda Python Data Science Platform

Anaconda, Inc. | Website Redesign
Company: Anaconda, Inc.
Role: UX/UI Designer

This project began as a navigation improvement. After an audit and heuristic analysis of the current website, and an executive pitch, the project expanded into a complete overhaul of the existing website.

Anaconda Python Data Science Platform

AnacondaCon | Schedule Redesign
Company: Anaconda, Inc.
Role: UX/UI Designer

Last year, we held our very first conference and learned many lessons. One of the things we wanted to address this year was the last minute schedule changes. Since the website isn't live updated and the print materials displayed outdated information, it left many attendees confused and frustrated. Based on feedback from attendees and team members, I created this mobile-first schedule page which syncs with users calendar and allows them to bookmark and get notified about specific events.

Details Coming Soon!

Andrew Harper Luxury Travel

Interactive Auctions Site Redesign
Company: Andrew Harper
Role: Lead UX/UI Designer
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I was the lead designer for the auctions redesign. Auctions platform was the oldest code in our system. The look and feel of the existing pages were extremely outdated. The redesign project resulted in increased customer interaction, weekly participation and sales, as well as an intense sense of satisfaction in the faces and hearts of everyone who viewed it.

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