UX/UI Designer & Front-End Developer

My name is Gizem

I’m a product UI designer and front-end web developer with seven years of professional experience in the design industry. I was born and raised in Istanbul and moved to Texas at 15. After strolling leisurely through academia, I left for New York and worked as a graphic designer in digital agencies and startups.

Surviving New York mostly unscathed, I came back to Austin, picked up a dog, rediscovered my love of nature and the interwebs. I am passionate about music, travel and above all else, learning; Front-end certified, recently returned from Thailand, planning trip to Croatia and in need of a nap.

What I Love

Web Design

Translating complex ideas into slick, successful designs.

Web Development

Building and managing responsive sites from the ground up.

Digital Marketing

Creating solutions to help businesses connect with their audience.

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